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Here you'll find informational blog posts, links, and resources that will empower you with knowledge to improve your health and security. On this page, we seek to provide you with the best information concerning health care and other insurance details. 



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Need help finding a provider or have questions about how your policy works? Feel free to give us a call at (805) 687 - 3225 and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have!


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did you know you can talk to a healthcare provider through your smartphone? 

Explore the links below to find out how you can talk to a doctor from the comfort of your own home! 




Health care terms

Think of this post as your Insurance Terminology Dictionary...if you'd like to learn more about the terms we use to describe different aspects of Healthcare Insurance, click the button below to read our blog post!

EASe education

Need help understanding how to use Ease, our online Enrollment portal? Click the link below to go to their Youtube page and watch a variety of instructional videos for both Employers and Employees that will show you how to best use this invaluable onboarding platform. 

How it works

Want to learn more about how you and your Insurer share costs? Download our informational PDF to get more information and to read a few key Health Insurance Terms you should know. 




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Our hope is to present updates in fresh, bite-sized and easy to understand terms that leave you feeling empowered and equipped to better navigate the health care world. 


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