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Telemedicine: It's Convenient And Efficient!


In the world of health & wellness, the concept of Telemedicine (Doctor visits by phone or video call) has really gained traction. Numerous surveys indicate a very high level of patient satisfaction, but sadly, relatively low participation. During this cold & flu season, we want to remind employers & insureds of the benefits & options that you have with Telemedicine.

Employee Benefits:
- See a Board Certified Doctor 24/7 from any location
- Avoid long waits & germ-infested medical offices, Urgent Cares, & ERs
- Reduce average visit time from 2 hours (including driving & waiting) to 10 minutes
- Some carriers (Anthem Blue Cross, for example) even include mental health benefits
- Low Office Visit Copays, ($5 with Blue Shield plans, not including HSA)

Employer Benefits:
- Employee Satisfaction: Employees have access to care when they need it most
- Increased Productivity: Employees spend less time traveling & waiting
- Savings: Employees make fewer visits to high priced point of care (i.e. Emergency Rooms)


check out the links below to learn more about telemedicine!


Blue Shield

Anthem Blue Cross

United Health Care

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